Davis Cup: Great Britain to play Serbia quarter-final

Andy-Murray-hopes-to-face-009Davis Cup champions, of the Great Britain, would be traveling to Belgrade for the quarter-final that is to be played against Serbia one week after Wimbledon. This time, a chance has been given to Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray to battle for their national teams. The event is about to take place between 15 and 17 of July with 6100 seats at Tasmajdan stadium. At the Rio of Olympics during August, the two different ambitious players such as Murray with committed seriousness towards Olympic and Djokovic, who usually plays inside her home city will take part. This is the only time where Serbia and Great Britain compete with each other. It is definitely an exciting contest which has to be encouraged.

Ecuador Quake Claims 525 Lives

3456The Ecuador quake has claimed 525 lives, and the figure is expected to rise with nearly 200 people missing. The number surpasses the lethal quakes of Peru and Chile. The office of the national prosecutors put the figure at 507 with 11 foreigners, 15 people are yet to be identified. Meanwhile, fresh tremors are rocking the region with an aftershock of 6.1 on the Richter scale. The new tremors had its epicenter at the offshore around 15 miles from Muisne. The search operations are on with rescuers and doctors from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and other regions checking for survivors. The aid workers are combing the rubbles restoring water supply and electricity.

British Cycling deny that Jess Varnish was dropped during outburst

4065Shane Sutton, technical director of  British Cycling’s, has refused the statement that the sprinter Jess Varnish has been dropped as she has criticized her coaches during early March followed by the failure of the women’s sprint duo’s team to qualify for the Rio Olympics, and Varnish has dropped down on performance grounds. This is a programme which is evidence-based, and you can prove it by taking away the emotion, where the evidence says the truth. Also, Varnish has been informed in late March that her Olympic contract couldn’t be renewed as she along with her teammate missed the top position while achieved the fifth position at London world championship. This is the impact of her bad performance.