Understanding Air Conditioning Units

Understanding Air Conditioning Units | Heating and Cooling

If you have a conventional ac unit or you are thinking about buying one, there are some important things to understand about how these machines work, the operating expense, energy effectiveness, cost, size, and maintenance. Standard room air conditioning and standard central air are the most popular cooling approaches in use today in Texas.air conditioner repair Contact us @

Standard San Antonio air conditioning units work by method of an extremely intricate process with a number of important parts, which essentially cool the air by pushing it across coils that are cooled with a refrigerant to get rid of the heat from the air and re-circulate the cooled air back into the house. An evaporator inside the house draws heat from the air. The compressor pressurizes the vaporized fluid and sends it outside to the condenser. The heat is then launched to the outdoors and the fluid is pumped back to the evaporator.

Central air conditioners are rated on the basis of a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The greater the number, the more effective the system is and the less it will cost to operate it. Systems produced before 1992 generally had a SEER rating of about 6. Standards in 2008, nonetheless, required that units have a SEER score of at least 10. If you are buying a new standard central air conditioner, you ought to look for a SEER score of 13 or even more, if possible, and the unit must offer the EnergyStar seal.

Many of these new cooling systems have extra energy-saving functions, such as running the fan without triggering the air conditioner, a programmable thermostat, modifiable fan rate controls, and high efficiency devices. The 2008 expense for a main air conditioning system, consisting of air conditioning installment services, typically ran in the $3,000-9,000 array.

Picking a central air conditioning system of the right size for your home is likewise vital. Many houses today have extra-large a/c systems. Getting the right size air conditioning unit will conserve both initial expenses and continuous operating expenses.

There are a variety of things that Heating and Cooling Texas suggests you can do to enhance the energy effectiveness of your standard central air system:
1. Seal ducts in unused parts of the house.
2. Set your thermostat at 78° F.
3. Change disposable filters monthly.

4. Keep weeds and lawn away from the compressor.

5. Have the system professionally serviced every year.

6. Turn the temperature up or off throughout peak demand hours of the day.

7. Install a programmable thermostat.

8. Weatherize your house.

With these fundamental realities, you should be ready to make your existing traditional central air system more reliable or to choose a high-efficiency brand-new system. If you are trying to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to also examine heat pumps. Visit our website @ air conditioning services in San Antonio

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