British Cycling deny that Jess Varnish was dropped during outburst

4065Shane Sutton, technical director of  British Cycling’s, has refused the statement that the sprinter Jess Varnish has been dropped as she has criticized her coaches during early March followed by the failure of the women’s sprint duo’s team to qualify for the Rio Olympics, and Varnish has dropped down on performance grounds. This is a programme which is evidence-based, and you can prove it by taking away the emotion, where the evidence says the truth. Also, Varnish has been informed in late March that her Olympic contract couldn’t be renewed as she along with her teammate missed the top position while achieved the fifth position at London world championship. This is the impact of her bad performance.

Russia announces anti-doping reforms

vitalymutkoRussian Federation has declared changes its desires that will fix the reliability of its anti-doping body and will allow its sporting group to contend at the Rio Olympic activities. Russia was revoked by the International Association of Athletics Federation last November after being charged with “state-sponsored” doping in a study requested by the World Anti-Doping Organization. All Russian athletes aiming to contend in Rio in August will have to go through at least three separate anti-doping manages before the Olympic Games, the Russia secretary of state for game declared on Wednesday. Clean athletes’ goals must not be permitted to be damaged because of other the errors of someone else.

Kathy Chen Head Twitter In China Among Criticism

Kathy Chen will be at the helm of affairs on Twitter. A former Microsoft manager she was named as the social network managing director for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Critics have it that Chen was in the Chinese military in the early 90s. Her involvement in the Computer Associates-Jinchen between the year 1999 and 2005 was pointed out. The role of Chen is to boost advertising for Twitter and not bother about criticism. Meanwhile, the company spokesperson made it clear that they are thrilled to have her on board showing the commitment to the region. The online claims on Chen’s connection with Beijing were dismissed.