Ecuador Quake Claims 525 Lives

3456The Ecuador quake has claimed 525 lives, and the figure is expected to rise with nearly 200 people missing. The number surpasses the lethal quakes of Peru and Chile. The office of the national prosecutors put the figure at 507 with 11 foreigners, 15 people are yet to be identified. Meanwhile, fresh tremors are rocking the region with an aftershock of 6.1 on the Richter scale. The new tremors had its epicenter at the offshore around 15 miles from Muisne. The search operations are on with rescuers and doctors from Cuba, Mexico, Colombia and other regions checking for survivors. The aid workers are combing the rubbles restoring water supply and electricity.

Kathy Chen Head Twitter In China Among Criticism

Kathy Chen will be at the helm of affairs on Twitter. A former Microsoft manager she was named as the social network managing director for Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Critics have it that Chen was in the Chinese military in the early 90s. Her involvement in the Computer Associates-Jinchen between the year 1999 and 2005 was pointed out. The role of Chen is to boost advertising for Twitter and not bother about criticism. Meanwhile, the company spokesperson made it clear that they are thrilled to have her on board showing the commitment to the region. The online claims on Chen’s connection with Beijing were dismissed.

Obama Saudi Trip Causes Friction

5091This will be the final trip for the US President Barack Obama to the Saudi Arabia before vacating office. The president will take all steps to straighten the relationship with the Emiratis, Bahrainis, and Saudis for taking a tilt to their rival the Iran and pressing for domestic reforms. Another headache will be the proposed legislation by the Democrats to sue the Saudi government if they are found guilty in the 9/11 attacks. Despite the proof that 15 of the 19 airline hijackers are from Saudi, the government is denying the connection. On the contrary, Saudi has warned the White House on enacting the bill.