Hiker’s Body Found In A 40m Crevasse

Harry Greaves Provided to BBC from family Link to: https://www.gofundme.com/ThesearchforHarry

Hiking the Peruvian Andes, British hiker Harry Greaves was found missing two weeks ago. He was seen on April 7 last. He set out for a mountain hike two days ahead of his birthday. He was expected to return in three days time. The police found the body in a 40-meter crevasse on Tuesday. The search operation was on for about a fortnight before the body was spotted. In a statement released by their family members, they said that his body was found. The family remembered him as a caring and genuine person. They thanked everyone who helped them find his body.

Andrew Shaw apologizes for homophobic slur during Blackhawks loss

andrew-shaw-600x300Andrew Shaw has been apologized for using a homophobic slur during the time of a 4-3 playoff. He was even sent off to interference, as he yelled at someone who is on the ice when he was sitting in the penalty box. The project aims at equality, safety and respect for all the athletes. Shaw felt very sorry saying that he was sorry sincerely for insensitive remarks he made last night at the penalty box. Added to this he stated that after reaching home he saw the video where his misbehavior was so evident and the he realized he has done wrong. He said that his words would hurt. He also admitted that he will learn from his mistakes.

Valedictory Speech Of Fidel Castro

Cuba Fidel CastroFidel Castro, one man army mocked the might superpower the US still stands tall after half a century of struggle. Despite his illness, he has strived hard to hold onto the power. He struggled hard at every step fighting with life and surfaced victorious attacking the capitalist enemy. The leader again appeared but this time, to bid farewell. At the valedictory function of the Communist Party Castro said that he will be 90 soon and will be like all the other. After years of revolutionary excitement in his speeches, you can find his voice tremble into a lament. The members of the party called on ‘Fidel’ for support.